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From Earth,

to you, with love

Creating custom aromatherapy oils, while providing comfort and education for long-term care and all individuals.

Easy to Use

Through inhalation

You can use essential oils aromatically by diffusing in an oil diffuser, personal inhalers or simply by applying a drop to your hands and inhaling. Never use undiluted essential oils directly on skin. 


You’ll need to massage with a carrier oil, like grape seed oil, olive oil, argan oil, etc. You can also apply it to specific areas by massaging in or rolling on for targeted pain areas or for personal fragrance. 

Nature in the Air

There are many safe ways to use essential oils in our environment and on our bodies. The simplest way to do so is by diffusing them in the air. The healing power of plants can purify, cleanse, uplift, alert or calm your mind while being immersed in your atmosphere. They are simple and effective to use while infusing your environment in a healthy way. 

The healing power of plants can purify, cleanse, uplift, keep you alert, calm or they can bring peace of mind while infusing your air. They are simple and effective to use while infusing your environment in a healthy way.


I offer a variety of services and products to help each individual during times of pain or discomfort.

Personalized Aromatherapy Oil Blends

I blend each oil, with Fairtrade, organic ingredients that tackle different physical, emotional, and spiritual issues.

Long Term Care and Hospice Education

I educate and work with Long-Term Care facilities and Rygiel homes to provide pain relief using specialized massage techniques and essential oils.

It brings communication with the transcendent.
It purifies mind and body.
It removes uncleanliness.
It keeps you alert.
It can be a companion in the midst of solitude.
In the midst of busy affairs, it brings a moment of peace.
When it is plentiful, one never tires of it.
When there is little, still one is satisfied.
Age does not change its efficacy.
Used every day, it does no harm.

Ten Virtues of Koh
 compiled in 16th century Japan.



Sam Client

“Aromacare has provided wonderful individualized aromatherapy massage to our residents who have multiple needs.”

“Aromacare blends oils specific to each person’s needs such as sleep, pain, agitation, restlessness, migraines and even snoring. We use the restore antiviral blend oil to diffuse in our home during the winter months to help decrease the spread of colds and flus

Naritta Divjak

Resident Support Services Manager – The Wellington

Sam Client

“Aromacare’s professional approach and expertise have made Aromatherapy a very successful  program.”

Aromacare is a leader in the field. The residents of our Long Term Care Home have enjoyed the therapeutic benefits of their products. They have been used in our home to promote relaxation, palliative care, anxiety and to decrease responsive behaviours”

Jeanie Mcinnis

Recreation Manager Baywoods Place Hamilton

Sam Client

“Thank you Aromacare for this beautiful blend  I’m so grateful for the work that you do”

“The reconnect blend was one of the kindest gifts one could receive when going through a hard and  unpredictable time. I was able to ground and find myself again through this blend’s soothing smell”

Rebecca Newton

Sam Client

Marianne’s essential oil blends are truly one of a kind!”

“Unlike most other essential oil blends that are mass produced and often not the best quality, Aromacare uses No additives and only intentional oils that create the most heavenly blends! I’ve tried a few Aromacare oils and loved every single one! My favourite is the heart Chakra blend. I swear it is a healing tonic!”

Anthony Berlingeri

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