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The Importance of Essential Oils in Plants

by | Mar 24, 2021 | 0 comments

Written by Marianne Toupalik

March 24, 2021

Whether you use essential oils clinically, as I do, for home use, or for skin applicationthe quality of the ingredients is important. Having an understanding of the plants-herbs and flowers – can be valuable to know when using essential oils. 

My name is Marianne Toupalik-Bogoslowski, I am a clinical aromatherapist, holistic practitioner, and I have been studying the science behind essential oils since 1999. Upon creating wellness oils, myself, I wanted to share my knowledge with you in hopes to educate you when deciding to use this natural resource. 


The Compound of Essential Oils 

Essential oils are made from essences extracted from nature – there are approximately 150 essential oils that are used in aromatherapy and some of the most popular plants are lavender, tea tree, and rosemary. To simplify the extensive process of distillation to extract aromatic compounds from plants, the essences are blended to create effective, natural aids for humans.  

Have you ever wondered how those little bottles of essential oils contain the potent power of healing? Let’s learn more about how these flowers and herbs are naturally given gifts to us. 


The Intrinsic Value of Plants 

The functions of plants are fascinating with the way they play important roles in molecular activity and the way the cells communicate  it’s something that most people don’t think about.  

Just like us, plants are alive – they need energy, nutrients, air, and water. While plants have the ability to adapt to their environment and sustain themselves, they also play a crucial role in our lives. Plants maintain the atmosphere – they produce oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide during photosynthesis. They are a source of food, shelter, and theyre essential to each organisms’ life- both directly and indirectly. With the many roles in our eco-system, they can also provide us with natural medicine when used properly and efficiently. 


Reaping The Benefits of Nature 

Even the simple act of inhaling a plant or flower can immediately cause a shift in our perception of any situation. It can produce an immediate memory, good or bad, and it can produce feelings of joy, happiness, or peace.  

The reason behind the effectiveness of essential oils is that the molecules are very tiny and can penetrate the blood-brain barrier. Their chemistry has an effect on our brains, as well as our nervous systems. Since the oils act on the central nervous system, theyre effective at restoring both physical and emotional well-being. Some examples of what areas can be targeted through different plant essences arerelieving stress and anxiety, easing depression or painand uplifting or stimulating your mood. Each herb and flower combination creates different ranges of relief, and it’s important to consult with a professional to determine what essentials oil is right for you. 

The complexity of plants and their intrinsic value is part of the reason why I developed a passion for aromatherapy and started studying. The science is something that most essential oil users don’t know about – all of the history within that little bottle.  

I’ve spent years of training and continuous learning to create blends to assist the residents in Long Term Care Homes and the Special Needs Population. I consult with the person and create the blend that will best suit them, and therefore, eliminate the stress of the person having to figure out what they need and which oils to use, that will provide the correct support to their needs. With my experience and research, I provide each person with a personalized wellness journey, so that they can sit back and enjoy the benefits of nature. 

At Aromacare, I consult with you to get the perfect ingredients to calm your symptoms whether it be physical or spiritual discomfort and pain. If you are interested in holistic approach to healthcare, visit my shop for premade blends or contact me to create a custom essential oil blend – fit just right for your preferences and pain relief.  

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